Where to play for bitcoins: encyclopedia of crypto gambling

Cryptocurrency is the future! – in any case, this is what the owners of an impressive number of online crypto casinos think. The word “Bitcoin” is strikingly common on colorful banners inviting you to play slots, roulette or poker. There is nothing to be surprised – blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are slowly finding their place in most areas of life, including entertainment.

While someone lives in the past, a new, amazing world is growing at the intersection of gambling and cryptocurrency transactions. Everyone can become a part of this ecosystem, discover unexpected sides and constantly monitor its development.

Games for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies


The higher the price of Bitcoin, the more new wallets. And while someone intends to keep the crypt to the last, others are purposefully looking for ways to use BTC for its intended purpose. It is at this moment that bitcoin casinos appear on the scene. Their offer is quite simple and enticing: a chance to win more cryptocurrencies in casino games.

Is it really possible to play games like slots and poker for cryptocurrency? Of course. In fact, there is nothing surprising here. Digital currencies are excellent as a payment method for online casinos. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many other coins offer real money gambling sites a number of important advantages:

  1. Instant funds transfers
  2. Low cost of transactions
  3. No intermediary commissions
  4. Relative anonymity of money transfers
  5. Independence from location
  6. Long term upward trend

This is why cryptocurrencies are becoming in-demand payment options in online casinos. They provide benefits to both gaming sites and ordinary users. For the same reason, more and more sites with games for BTC, LTC, ETH and so on have recently appeared on the network.

But if you are going to play for bitcoins in a casino, it is hardly worth clicking on the first counter links. There are already quite a lot of sites with poker, slots, roulette, blackjack and other cryptocurrency games. Where to play for bitcoins? It is not always possible to separate mediocrity from a wonderful resource from the first minutes. To save time and money, there are ready-made bitcoin casino reviews.

CoinGambling.info will tell you all the most important things about crypto casino games. Here you will learn about the features of popular cryptocurrencies, the best bitcoin casinos, exclusive bonuses and promotions, as well as what to expect from a particular cryptocurrency gaming site.

Popular crypto casino bonuses

Even the most addictive activity can become boring over time if nothing new happens. Bitcoin casinos combat this with a variety of special offers and rewards for those who enjoy playing with cryptocurrencies. Something was borrowed from traditional casinos, somewhere the experience of ordinary gaming sites came in handy. However, crypto casinos still come across original solutions in terms of bonuses and promotions from time to time.

For example, cryptocurrency casinos can offer players to guess the Bitcoin rate in the near future. How much will BTC be worth in a few days, a week or so. Users with the most accurate predictions will receive significant gifts – cryptocurrency to the casino balance, cashback, free spins or something else. Similar promos have already been seen among crypto portals.

Sometimes, when adding a new cryptocurrency, portals make a special promotional campaign. It happens that users of such a gaming site receive some coins for free as part of the distribution. This is often done through crypto casino social media pages. This is a reason to follow or just follow accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and so on. So there will be more chances to catch the free distribution of cryptocurrency.

This is not the end of bitcoin casino bonuses. On the contrary, they are just beginning. Crypto casinos are constantly coming up with new cryptocurrency tournaments, quests with prizes, promo codes, limited offers and many, many special offers. Some of them, however, are much more common than others.

Free spins

Free spins do a great job of attracting new users to crypto casino sites. Free spins are a way to dive into cryptocurrency games without the risk of losing. This is a very popular type of bonus in bitcoin casinos and online gambling in general.

One of the solutions provides for several dozen free spins for registration. A person gets to a casino site with games for bitcoins, sees a free bonus and decides to create an account. The resource gets a new user, and the player gets 10-50 spins for free.

Sometimes bitcoin casinos give out free spins using promo codes. The code can be indicated on one of the pages of the same resource or on an advertising banner. Also, promotional codes for free spins can be exclusive. Such bonus codes are found on partner sites and social networks, and even in emails from crypto casinos.

But promo codes are optional. On some portals, you just need to click a button to get free spins on bitcoin games. In addition, there are free spins provided by the developers of a particular slot machine. The player receives them in accordance with the program.

Be careful: the terms of some promotions suggest that free spins can only be received during the registration process. To do this, at one of the stages of creating an account, you will need to enter a promotional code or click the activation button. If this is not done, the opportunity to use free spins in BTC games may be lost!

No Deposit Bonuses

Free no deposit bonuses are the category of crypto casino promotions that newbies are most interested in. After all, with such a bonus, you can play for bitcoins and not worry about a possible loss. This is great for getting to know a specific cryptocurrency casino or specific bitcoin games.

Almost most often, the mentioned free spins are found as a no deposit bonus on gaming sites. In such cases, the player is promised a certain amount of free spins for registering on the site. These spins can be used in one or more BTC slots.

Occasionally, in an online casino, you can stumble upon no deposit bonuses in the form of a small amount of money on the player’s balance. This amount will allow you to make several bets in slots or table games and “feel the taste” of the cryptocurrency game.

It is very difficult to earn on bonuses without a deposit. They usually have high wagering requirements and a limited duration. Under these conditions, it will be quite expensive for the user to turn the won bonus amount into real money. Therefore, no deposit bonuses should be treated as an opportunity to test casino games for bitcoins and have fun in the process without risking losing money.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome set of bonuses in one form or another is offered at most cryptocurrency casinos. If you have been to many bitcoin gaming sites, you have probably seen a “standard” offer like a 100% bonus up to 1 BTC. Welcome bonuses often become the largest bonus offers on cryptocurrency gaming portals.

Welcome bonuses are designed for those players who are serious about playing with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Such users receive rewards not just for registration, but for depositing on the site. The higher the amount of replenishment, the more bonus money the player will receive. Therefore, welcome deposit bonuses are most beneficial for high rollers who play for high stakes.

Free spins are given out every now and then as part of the welcome bonus set. But sometimes, in order to receive free spins, an additional threshold for the deposit amount is provided. In this case, welcome free spins will be received only by those users who have replenished their account with the required amount.

Each crypto casino sets its own conditions for the welcome bonus set. Somewhere users will receive promotions only for the first deposit, while in another place the conditions will apply to the first three or four deposits. The bonus money ceiling also varies from place to place, but rarely goes beyond 0.5-2 BTC.